11/2020 - Alufoil Trophy China 2020

On September 16, Alufoil Trophy China 2020 was made in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. 19 innovative alufoil products and solutions in six categories won Alufoil Trophy. Fan Shunke, president of China Nonferrous Metal Fabrication Industry Association(CNFA), and Zhang Jilin, secretary general of CNFA, attended the ceremony and awarded the trophies. The award, held during 2020 Conference of CNFA, was also attended by over 200 representatives of Chinese aluminum foil industry chain.Mr. Dong Chunming, China’s coordinator for GLAFRI, presided over the award ceremony and announced the winners.

The competition, as public welfare activity and co-organized by CNFA and GLAFRI, was the fourth time since its initiative.

The purpose of China Alufoil Trophy is to recognize the latest aluminum foil products and best solutions developed and commercialized by Chinese enterprises, conduct extensive public welfare promotion, increase public awareness, encourage and advocate close cooperation of upstream and downstream enterprises, show the excellent characteristics and special role of alufoil, and promote the application of alufoil in more convenience to consumers, it also promotes alufoil products to make substantial contributions to green consumption and sustainable development. Its initiatives attract the positive response and wide attention from foil industrial chain. The event, with good market orientation and international influence, is important for the development of alufoil.

This year's winners, the vivid cases of industry transformation and upgrading, and epitome of industry progress, once again show the innovation progress in alufoil production, application, marketing and service. The award-winning products and solutions cover high-end alufoil manufacturing and deep processing applications, including lithium battery, aseptic packaging, household foil, alufoil container, architectural decoration, food packaging, and agricultural product packaging. In particular, they also involve low-carbon alufoil and renewable environmental protection alufoil products, reflecting the trend of alufoil industry to focus on sustainable development. One solution, involving the application of alufoil in epidemic prevention and control, won the Jury Special Award. Against the outbreak of COVID-19, many alufoil producers overcame difficulties and worked overtime to manufacture pharmaceutical packaging alufoil and containers, which not only met the epidemic prevention and control and social life in special period, but also showed the special value, special contribution of alufoil and social responsibility.

Stefan Glimm, director general of GLAFRI, sent a congratulatory letter to the winners. He said:"We are very glad about our successful cooperation with CNFA to organise the Alufoil Trophy China on annual basis since 2017. This award is to recognise aluminium foil innovation and to demonstrate the benefits of foil to customers and consumers. This should contribute to enhance home consumption of aluminium foil in China. As China is the largest foil market worldwide, to promote the usage of foil in China is key to counterbalance overcapacities and further develop foil applications and markets. We are proud that in spite of Corona pandemia the Alufoil Trophy China 2020 took place and attracted so many entries. The winners chosen proof the excellency of aluminium foil to contribute to sustainable consumption in so many markets. I would like to congratulate all winners for their excellent contributions."

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