09/2022 - Global foil rollers re-elect Göksal Güngör for another term as President

Göksal Güngör has been re-elected as President of the Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI) for another term during the 6th Global Aluminium Foil Roller Conference (GLAFCO) in Istanbul. At the same time Alexander Dörsel of Speira (Europe), Patrick Lawlor of Gränges (USA) and Simon Chan of Xiashun (Asia) were all confirmed in their positions as vice presidents by the General Assembly and will continue to serve on the GLAFRI Board.

“I am honoured and delighted to be re-elected as President of GLAFRI. Together with my colleagues on the Board, we will continue with many exciting projects, and we will kick-off new initiatives. “, said Mr Güngör who also serves as General Manager of Assan Alüminyum. “Aluminium foil is a very versatile material. The GLAFRI members confirmed that they want to focus their activities on the promotion of aluminium foil and on environmental issues. In addition, this is a very important way to raise the profile of the sector among stakeholders in the global value chain.”

The election took place during the 6th Global Aluminium Foil Roller Conference (GLAFCO) 7-9 September 2022 in Istanbul, attended by almost 100 executives from all continents. The participants represented world-leading players in the aluminium foil rolling industry alongside key users of aluminium foil and were joined by experts of e-mobility, retail and consumer trends. Top discussions among the delegates concerned market developments on a global level as well as sustainability and recycling issues, which represent both opportunities and challenges for aluminium foil.

One of the leading market research companies in the sector, CRU presented the global outlook for aluminium foil which is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 3% between 2021 and 2027, with foil consumption set to reach almost 8 million tonnes, an increase of more than 1.3 million tonnes over the 6-year period.

“The global foil industry has maintained a reasonable level despite the pandemic, during which some markets experienced extra-ordinary growth. Especially when considering weak global economic growth in 2022, demand prospects for aluminium foil remained solid, with packaging remaining positive and battery foil becoming an important source of growth in this decade.” Mr Güngör concluded.

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