09/2018 - Alufoil Trophy China highlights new opportunities for foil in the Chinese market

The Alufoil Trophy China 2018 awards were made during ALUMINIUM CHINA 2018, Shanghai in July. Fifteen aluminium foil products and solutions from 14 companies won an Alufoil Trophy China this year. The competition enables the Chinese aluminium foil industry to show, at its best, aluminium foil capabilities and demonstrate a responsible and sustainable product image in a positive way.

It provides the Chinese alufoil community with the chance to showcase the industry’s innovative abilities, promoting green production as well as adding momentum to green consumption.

The competition is co-organized by the China Nonferrous Metals Fabrication Industry Association (CNFA) and the Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI), and is supported by Reed Exhibitions. Attending the awards were Zhang Jilin, vice chairman and secretary general of CNFA and Guido Aufdemkamp, executive director of EAFA. It was also attended by representatives of Chinese aluminium foil producers, aluminium foil product manufacturers and aluminium foil users, and media.

Dong Chunming, China’s coordinator for GLAFRI, announced the winners on behalf of the jury. Zhang Jilin and Guido Aufdemkamp awarded the trophies.

The event has met with a very positive response from Chinese companies within the aluminium foil industry and from enterprises associated with the sector, including customers. There were more than 50 entries from over 30 companies. These covered aluminium foil rolling products and applications which included foil containers, flexible packaging, electronics, electrical components, construction goods, automobile parts, household appliances, as well as medical and food packaging.

Entries covered the main application areas of foil and allowed a real appraisal of developments across a wide spectrum of the industry. The sponsors organized a jury of 10 independent experts from the sector. These judges using careful criteria, such as technological innovation, product application and market orientation, selected 15 awards. The award categories were Marketing + Design; Consumer Convenience; Resource Efficiency; Product Protection; and Technical Innovation.

The judges said: “From the entries, we are very pleased to see such diverse and striking innovations, applications and solutions in aluminium foil”. The awards clearly demonstrate the progress of China’s aluminium foil industry and reflect the development and trends of the foil market in recent years. Winning products were mainly based on domestic market applications, which highlighted the advantages of foil materials in sustainability, resource conservation and for emerging industries. Award-winning products were said have very strong consumer appeal, being both attractive and with a great emphasis on modern market requirements.

Zhang Jilin, vice chairman and secretary general of CNFA said, “Although China is the world's largest aluminium foil producer and consumer there is still a big gap in China's per capita consumption of foil, compared with developed countries. Alufoil Trophy China 2018 is of great significance, as it has a positive guiding influence and reference value for the future. It helps us promote the advantages of aluminium foil in everyday life, opening up a new ‘ocean’ of both existing and new market opportunities for foil applications.”

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