03/2014 - New global aluminium foil roller initiative supports market growth

New global aluminium foil roller initiative supports market growth More than 30 foil rollers from all continents have joined forces in a new Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI) to support foil growth globally and coordinate messages on sustainability and recovery.

With the market for aluminium foil expected to grow by 4-5% CAGR up to 2018 the industry gathered in Dubai for the third Global Aluminium Foil Roller Conference (GLAFCO), organised once again by the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA). The main outcome was the establishment of the global initiative, enabling the industry to speak with ‘one voice’ on issues of central importance to the industry’s growth.

The conference agreed to develop these ‘one voice’ messages on issues such as foil recycling and recovery and the industry's contributions to sustainable consumption and modern life styles. By doing so, both global and regional customers, as well as other stakeholders, will be encouraged to create new aluminium foil applications for both packaging and technical applications.

Support for GLAFRI evolved after two days of presentations and discussions covering the entire supply chain – and with key suppliers and customers present, including Amcor, Constantia Flexibles, Guala Closures, Nestlé, Tetra Pak, and Unilever. Delegates agreed to exchange best practice on foil recovery and sustainability and to co-operate to ensure consistency of messages about foil issues around the globe.

Examples of new techniques for foil recycling from flexible packaging, as well as from bottom ash waste at energy plants, were presented and new foil applications in solar and battery technologies were discussed.

It was agreed there is huge potential for foil growth if home consumption expands in countries with growing middle classes and urbanisation.

One of the first results from the GLAFCO conference, which attracted 90 delegates from all sections of the industry, will be the re-launch of the global website (www.global-alufoil.org) with expanded contents, including examples of activities to support the GALFRI programme, a multi-language version of the sustainability animation ‘More is Less’ and a full list of those companies backing the initiative.

The Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative is supported by foil rollers (AFM aluminiumfolie merseburg, AL INVEST, Alcoa, Alcomet, Amcor Flexibles, ASAS, Assan Alüminyum, Carcano Antonio, CBA, Cihan, Comital, Constantia Flexibles, Constellium, Dare/Danyang, Dingsheng, Ess Dee, Eurofoil, Garmco, Hindalco, Hulamin, Hydro, Impol, Inasa Foil, Laminazione Sottile, Noranda, Novelis, OARC, SAM-A, Symetal, TLM, Toyo, UC Rusal and Xiashun) and their suppliers (Achenbach, Kampf, IAI, Novelis PAE and Thiel & Hoche) from around the world. It coordinates actions on sustainability in order to support foil market growth and promote innovative development. Almost 10% of the annual global aluminium primary production is converted to aluminium foil.

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