02/2021 - Global Aluminium Foil Roller Conference focuses on sustainability and customer perspectives

The Global Aluminium Foil Roller Conference (GLAFCO), which takes place this September (22-24) in Istanbul, has issued details of the programme for the event. While the first conference day will look at global trends and technical applications for aluminium foil, the second will offer in-depth coverage of sustainability issues, such as the collection and recycling of foil, as well as customer views from specific markets.

On arrival the delegates will have the opportunity for plant visits at Assan Alüminyum and converter Ispak, two major companies in the foil rolling sector of Turkey, the host nation this time around.

Topics covered by the GLAFCO program include an overview of global aluminium and aluminium foil markets and a study about the future of e-mobility. Reports will be made on specific market areas, including China, USA, Europe, Latin America, Japan and Korea. At the end of the first conference day GLAFRI, the Global Aluminium Foil Rolling Initiative, which organises the event, will hold its general assembly.

The final day will cover many aspects of the industry response to environmental concerns.  An NGO is asked to share its perspective of aluminium foil, while customers will look at trends in the confectionary, dairy and pharma markets, plus containers and household foils. In addition delegates will hear about the packaging collection systems and learn about the latest developments in recycling aluminium foil laminates.

The conference has an impressive list of sponsors who were all surveyed about their reasons for supporting the event and their expectations. All were clear about the importance of the conference: “GLAFCO is where a majority of the players of the global aluminium foil market get together and discuss the future of the industry, “ said one. Another explained, “Substantiality and sustainable aluminium solutions have to be heard, innovation in foil has to be jointly promoted, and all this is done by the GLAFRI/GLAFCO network.” (A full list of sponsors can be found at the end of this Press release.)

Göksal Güngör, President of GLAFRI and General Manager of Assan Alüminyum commented, “This very important event will address the key issues, opportunities and challenges facing our industry. Only by coordinating a global response to these and by using the authority and platform of GLAFCO, can we successfully expand our sustainability efforts and help our sector expand and grow in future.”

Registration for GLAFCO 2021 will be open in April/May this year. The organiser is carefully obsvering the developments of the pandemic and has prepared respective contingency plans. Regular updates at glafco.global-alufoil.org.

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