01/2015 - GLAFRI ‘Initiative’ Success Leads to Formation of Global Foil Association

Mid of January, supporters of the Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI) have decided to turn this activity into a legal trade association. It started operating immediately with 42 member companies, including 5 supporters, from all major foil producer areas worldwide.
This follows the remarkable success of GLAFRI so far, particularly the three annual conferences held to spearhead its activities. Thereupon, the supporters have decided to formalize the initiative by creating a trade body to continue and develop its work.  
Initially the major objective of the new association will be to continue ‘one voice’ on foil promotion and sustainability issues globally, with the aim to support foil market growth in general. The new organization will enable more continuity in carrying out the decisions and actions decided during the conferences and allow other projects and ideas to be developed.

Manfred Mertens of Hydro Aluminium was elected president of the new and the first global foil association, ever. Vice Presidents are Simon Chan from Xiashun Holdings and Fabiano Schneider Urso, from Votorantim Metais – CBA. Stefan Glimm was appointed Director General.

Speaking about the formation of the association Manfred Mertens said, “We are very proud to have created such a strong momentum with GLAFRI that it has led to the unanimous decision by participants to form an association. It will enable us to build upon the outstanding work already done to support the aluminium foil sector and to make a strong and effective contribution to the sustainability debate.”

“Despite the continuing challenges in the market the outlook for foil with about 4% annual growth generally remains very positive and being able to speak with one voice on global promotional and environmental issues confronting the sector can only be a highly positive development,” Stefan Glimm added.

The Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI) is the global association coordinating actions on sustainability in order to support foil market growth and promote innovative development. Almost 10% of the annual global aluminium primary production is converted to aluminium foil.

The members are foil rollers (AFM aluminiumfolie merseburg, AL INVEST, Alcoa, Alcomet, Amcor Flexibles, ASAS, Assan Alüminyum, Carcano Antonio, Cihan, Comital, Constantia Flexibles, Constellium, Dare/Danyang, Dingsheng, Ess Dee, Eurofoil, Garmco, Hindalco, Hulamin, Hydro, Iberfoil, Impol, Kunshan,  Laminazione Sottile, Nikkei Siam, Noranda, Novelis, OARC, SAM-A, Shanghai Shenhuo, Symetal, TLM, Toyo, UC Rusal, Votorantim Metais – CBA and Xiashun) and their suppliers (Achenbach, Kampf, IAI, Novelis PAE and Thiel & Hoche) from around the world.

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