23.09.2021 |
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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of food products

For several decades it has been vital to examine and continuously reduce the environmental footprint for the packaging sector.

The industry has effectively applied the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method to quantify and track improvements in packaging materials and processes.

A steady increase in the amount of complete LCA studies conducted for food shows that the impact on the environment of packaging as opposed to the product has been overestimated.

The environmental impact of aluminium foil in different packaging applications was examined more closely by the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) and carried out by independent 3rd party LCA specialist institutes.


The following packaging and products where studied:

  • family pack and portion pack (coffee and butter)
  • household foil (roast)
  • cup with foil lid (yoghurt)
  • foil paper wrap (chocolate)
  • foil container (lasagne)
  • screw caps / aluminium closures (wine)
  • pouches (goulash soup)
  • foil containers (ready meals)

To read the studies, please go to the EAFA website section: 

EAFA Study: Food and Lifecycle Assesment (LCA) of Food Products