02.02.2021 |
Global Aluminium Foil Roller Conference focuses on sustainability and customer perspectives |


10:00 | Dubai | Emirat Dubai

Best friends Abdullah, Mohammad and Yusuf can’t wait for the break when they can unpack their home prepared lunch boxes. Wrapped in household foil, their favourites include dates, fruits, vegetables, mini pizzas and fish and nuts, all staple products in the United Arab Emirates. In this multi-cultural society, these products may be joined by a sandwich alongside a pouch of fruit juice and a bar of chocolate. Refreshing as well as nutritional, food and drink needs positive protection particularly in a hot climate and household foil comes into its own as an efficient and effective wrap to prevent food spoilage.

The drinks pouches often come with a straw attached or with an easy-open/close mechanism and kids particularly enjoy the different shapes. There are also online kids clubs run by major brand owners, and even education programmes about recycling and the environment. These alufoil packs are a good way to get children to accept healthy drinks and they also have great fun squeezing and crushing the pouch for easy disposal. The pouches consist of a laminate containing an aluminium foil layer a lot thinner than a human hair but which provides the essential ingredient in product preservation. In a hot climate the alufoil-based drinks pouch provides a safe, hygienic and long-life choice. For the three friends they are much more than that – fun, fun, fun.

This is where aluminium foil comes in, a product that is entirely safe from a hygienic point of view, and protects even under extreme conditions.

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Aluminium / Aluminium foil!
>> Of all the aluminium produced in the world over the last 100 years, 75% is still in use.