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Alufoil Trophy China 2022 awards made at Aluminium China – South China exhibition |


A Global Moment with Alufoil...

Whatever people’s regional differences and from whichever part of the world we come, we are all united by a number of common bonds that will have long term consequences for the future of our planet. Sustainable Development is a global challenge that transcends geographical boundaries and national borders. The way we address environmental considerations and tackle the aims of resource efficiency and the necessity to protect and help those in need around the globe has a local impact in our neighbourhood and in the same moment shapes our future and that of our children and grandchildren in global ways. Thinking globally and acting locally is imperative for all of us in view of the challenges we are facing from climate change, depletion of scarce resources and loss of biodiversity.

Aluminium foil can help to contribute to more sustainable consumption and production by increasing resource efficiency as one of the universal key drivers towards more sustainability. Capable, responsible and sustainable, this highly versatile material is providing solutions in a world in which all societies are aiming to create a better future.

Through the examples shown we invite you to experience alufoil in action around the globe at the same time! You may be surprised by the multitude of ways aluminium foil contributes to the daily lives of people around the world; it often goes unnoticed but it is there just the same.


CAPABLE – The various properties of aluminium foil like the absolute barrier effect or the light weight enable a unique diversity of applications delivering perfect functionality for increasingly changing and challenging demands.

RESPONSIBLE – Corporate responsibility and adherence to good manufacturing practice while continuously reducing the environmental footprint of manufacturing processes and products are vital to the aluminium foil sector.

SUSTAINABLE – Solutions increasing resource efficiency will repay the investment twice over as they already save resources today and pave the way for generations to come. The aluminium foil industry has a long history of enabling the creation of materials that are lighter in weight and energy efficient along the supply chain.


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