Alufoil Trophy Awards - Worldwide

Alufoil Trophy Awards

The Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI) is supporting foil promotion worldwide by sharing best practices. One example for the successful roll out of best practice into other regions is the Alufoil Trophy. The foil innovation award was originally implemented in Europe by European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) and looks back to a successful history of decades of wide ranging publications of innovation in the foil industry. By sharing the concept regional Alufoil Trophies could be started in China and Latin America (ABAL), too, with the support of GLAFRI, and with the objective to further enhance foil market growth.

The Alufoil Trophy is the most distinguished award in the aluminium foil industry, standing out as a benchmark for the most innovative ideas and market developments in the foil industry. Previous nominees are innovation leaders who set pace in shaping the future path of aluminium foil.

The award is open to packaging designers, brand owners, aluminium foil rollers, alufoil converters, foil container manufacturers, household foil producers, manufacturers of screwcaps, retailers, industrial solution providers, as well as consumer- or interest group. The Trophy provides a platform to showcase their concepts and products while combining entries from different areas.

Competition categories span across every aspect of aluminium foil and aluminium closures with applications in the packaging, automotive, industrial decorative and construction sectors.

Winning categories

The general categories that may vary from country-to-country

Marketing & Design

Consumer Convenience

Resource Efficiency

Product Protection

Technical Innovation

Bringing the Alufoil Trophy to other countries

We are convinced that spreading the Alufoil Trophy concept will contribute to the development and promotion of the industry in other parts of the world. There have been several partnering organisations that have taking up the challenge and brought out their national edtions of the Trophy wiht great success and acceptance within the market and industry.

Interested organisations who are already engaged in some form of support of their country´s aluminium foil industry are invited to take up the challenge to bring the Alufoil Trophy closer to home.

For further information how to get involved and organize national editions of the award, please contact the GLAFRI Sekretariat by clicking the link below.

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