The Initiative

The Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI)

The Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI) is the global association coordinating actions on sustainability in order to support foil market growth and promote innovative development - worldwide. GLAFRI was founded in 2015, now boasting 50% of the global alufoil production in terms of members among foil rollers and foil roller suppliers (For foil up to 200 microns).

The organisation's mission can be summarised as follows

  • Support foil market growth globally
  • Stimulate and support innovation in the industry
  • Sharing best practices on foil promotion and innovation
  • Provide global foil market analysis
  • Increase marketing efficiency for all members by cooperation

Moreover, GLAFRI represents the aluminium foil industry with a ‘one voice’ approach for key issues, such as

  • Sustainability as THE answer to the growing demand and limited resources
  • Foil packaging as solution provider to avoid food waste
  • Foil benefits in technical applications
  • Further enhancing recovery / recycling


Göksal Güngor
Simon Chan
Alexander Dörsel
Patrick Lawlor