There is nothing like a cup of coffee to wake you up for a busy day in the office, which is why banking executive Bernhard Zwingli prepares himself a fresh cup before an important client meeting. He uses a single- serve coffee machine which owes much of its performance to the aluminium foil coffee capsule. The different coloured capsules offer a wide variety of flavours from Africa, Asia and South America, which unfold their aroma only when they are used.

And it is important to remember that not only do single-serve systems avoid product wastage and save energy, the capsules are fully recyclable. Hot and cold beverages come in a variety of single-serve sachets all of which benefit from the longevity provided by aluminium foil, so if an instant cup of tea or cold drink is preferred, there are various stick packs on the market. After lunch, the bank staff looks forward to the freshly brewed ground coffee, with an irresistible aroma flooding the meeting room.

And, of course, what else would go better with a cup of coffee in Zurich than a piece of Swiss chocolate protected by an alufoil wrapper?