The Californian coastline is a paradise for sun worshippers and surfers

Little wonder that Paul, Dave and Susie take advantage of the weather by hitting the beach to surf the waves after work. Then it’s off home to entertain friends at a barbecue. And thanks to alufoil there is little preparation left to do – the freshly prepared vegetables with oil and herbs have been wrapped in household foil ready to be popped on the coals; meat and fish come ready prepared in alufoil trays from the local supermarket; while delicious marinades are ready on the table, presented in pouches.

Alufoil trays ensure gentle cooking on the charcoal and along with the household foil are 100% recyclable. Again thanks to the protective properties of alufoil, the long-life resealable pouches of sauces can be slipped back into the fridge for the next party. And no party is complete without drinks and refreshments. Beer and wine come with beautifully designed neck foils and labels made from alufoil.

Evocative designs featuring scenes from local wineries add a talking point for guests who vie with each other over claims that the wine they have brought from their favourite winery is the best. The boys are just happy sipping light beers sporting glimmering neck foils. But everyone is impressed by the single-serve wines brought by one of the guests packed in alufoil-based beverage cartons. At the end of a fantastic day, let’s hope no-one will need an alufoil blister pack of antacids!

The barbecue at the end of the day, with plenty of delicious meat and vegetables, just wouldn’t be the same without aluminium foil to make the cooking easier.