10:30 | MUMBAI | INDIA

The control unit for a wind farm has just arrived at Mumbai airport

Expressed from Germany, the unit is susceptible to damage in transit and to heat differences of up to 50°C and huge moisture fluctuations. However, Project Manager Raman Singh does not need to worry – the unit comes safely wrapped in an alufoil-based industrial laminate custom-designed to provide protection for sensitive electronic and industrial products even in the most extreme conditions.

Aluminium foil is well suited to any number of protective and climatic packaging solutions across a range of markets. The material provides total climatic protection for any product which may deteriorate due to moisture ingress, oxygen and other gases, UV light, odour transfer and temperature extremes. Without alufoil, for example, moisture ingress can cause costly and potentially disastrous corrosion across such industries as automotive, electronics, defence, aerospace and telecommunications.

The material also provides a magnetic shield against radiation and radio emissions. Raman Singh will also be happy to learn that the cables which distribute the energy harvested by the wind farm are protected by a durable and resistant aluminium foil sheath.

Aluminium foil has a decisive barrier function, shielding technically sensitive components in an optimal way and also reducing cargo weight to a minimum.