The last stage before the final ascent

The sun is burning relentlessly, but the three hobby sports and alpine climbers Steve, Mike and Tom are in the best of spirits and above all well equipped: sunblock, sports and vitamin drinks, energy bars, and individual packs of instant soup stowed away in the three part-time adventurers’ backpacks. Without aluminium foil, these practical products wouldn’t be at all suited for such a mountain tour.

The sunblock they need on their climb is ready for use at all times, packed in sachets made of an alufoil laminate. The drinks, in their aluminium-foil-containing stand-up bags or lightweight cartons, are easy to carry – after all, every extra kilogram can make itself felt when climbing. Thanks to laminated materials made with aluminium foil, the valuable energy bars are also effectively protected against external factors.

And so the three mountaineers can continue their ascent, well fortified and protected against the sun – and soon they’ll be home to tell their friends about their adventures. That they’ll be taking all the containers and wrappings from the convenience products home with them when they descend goes without saying.