It’s breakfast time and the April family is about to sit down to breakfast

The kids crawl out of bed late as usual but just in time to grab some quality time with the whole family. On the menu for the growing children and their parents are vitamin-rich orange juice, yoghurt, milk, cheese and cold meats, plus bread and bread rolls. Without aluminium foil there would be fewer convenient and healthy options on the breakfast table. Served up in sterile cartons are the orange juice and milk.

Thanks to the properties of the very thin layer of aluminium foil, these long-life packs are impervious to light, odour and gases, providing a crucial barrier to light and oxygen and preserving essential vitamins. Such aseptic cartons are lightweight and designed for efficient transportation, storage and on-shelf display. Most importantly the alufoil layer makes it possible to preserve the drinks’ intrinsic properties without refrigeration, thus saving considerable energy resources along the supply chain.

Butter and cheese are also breakfast time favourites and come in a variety of attractive aluminium foil options. Many processed cheeses come in triangular alufoil wedges with nice graphics and easy-open tear tapes. Plenty of good reasons to start the day together.

Without aluminium foil, there’d be far less variety in this breakfast spread.